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My Story

Markeda is the owner of Manifesting Yoga & More for over 5 years specializes in Spiritual Life Coaching, Yoga, Meditation, Sound Therapy and Chakra Balancing. Markeda has been on a personal spiritual life journey for the last 11 years. Most of her professional business practices encompass tools and techniques that she has learned along her own personal journey. Markeda has been dedicated to spreading her knowledge and assisting with healing the collective. Markeda’s approach is conscious, intentional healing and wellness. This is done by practices that involves Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit. She encompasses the knowledge of Pranayama (breathing), Movement (yoga), Mindfulness (meditation), Sound Therapy (singing bowls), the  7 Chakra, Shadow Work and so much more. Even with implementing just a fraction of these practices Markeda can aid in helping you enrich your life and change the way you view the world and the people around you.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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