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Client Reviews 

There's nothing more powerful, than knowing what others think about and have experienced with a service or product you're considering. Take a look at some of my reviews below.

Orange Clouds


I truly believe that in order to be successful with any kind of therapy, you have to have a certain level of unity and understanding with your therapist. I’ve seen multiple therapists in my life, but never truly felt successful because I always felt there was some kind of wall between us, whether that wall was big or small, it impaired my ability to fully open up, trust, and thus, begin my healing. I came to Sarah battered and bruised in the deepest parts of my being- I was first and foremost a Mother, but a broken, and traumatized Mother.

Sarah is one of the best things that has EVER happened to me. She took her time, was patient, understanding, and put her whole heart into seeing me through this nightmare. She truly became the one place I felt safe, and seeing her weekly gave me purpose each week to see it through, because I knew every week I’d have a place to take all my sorrows, dump them off, and get a personalized encouragement to get me through to the next. What I mean by personalized, is she didn’t just repeat what every other therapist did, she didn’t give me a hollow “it’ll get better”. She would give me a “you WILL survive this, and I’m gonna make sure of it.”- and I believed her, because it was undoubtedly from her soul. There were days where I was a little more broken than others, and she stayed with me until she was sure I was leaving her with a new piece of strength, wisdom, and motivation.

Sarah was my biggest advocate, she fought for me,  grounded me, held me accountable, and taught me how to do all of those things for myself. She repaired trust in me in so many ways, and she made me stronger.


You know therapy works when you leave each session stronger than you went into it. I didn’t think I’d ever find that because it hadn’t been the case for me before, but Sarah changed that too. Sarah is just… different. She genuinely cares, and she never gives up on you- and above all, you never feel like you’re just another client to her. If you are seeking help with healing, Sarah can, and will help you.



I’ve been working with Sarah for a few months now and I have had so many breakthroughs. Throughout all of it, she has been a constant support and I really couldn’t ask for a better therapist.


Sarah is amazing! Her approach is genuine and, if you’re committed to doing “the work,” she offers tools that help you deepen self-awareness. She’s honest and her delivery is gentle and she truly wants to see you thrive. If you’re looking for honesty, accountability and to be pushed in your growth process, you have to connect with Sarah.


“I recently started working with Sarah at Intuitive Transformations LLC. I am genuinely enjoying my current experience! I was very hesitant to begin my mental health journey due to previous experiences with other facilities. Intuitive transformations has really changed my perspective on mental health. It feels as if the approach to therapy is unique for every client and not “one size fits all”. which is a key factor to creating safe spaces that encourage growth and overall client satisfaction. I am so grateful to work with them and feel as if they have really made a long-term positive impact on my emotional and mental wellbeing. I would definitely recommend to friends and family who are looking for a modern, effective but loving supportive approach in their mental health journey.”

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